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Hanne Kah

Tell Me Who I Am (official video)

Do you feel at home in your body?
Many people ask themself this very question without having an answer at the ready.
Our new single Tell Me Who I Am deals with all internal struggles and insecurities everybody experiences in life.
It is a song about finding out who you really are, about being happy with yourself and about having people accompany you on your journey.
We hope you find comfort in this song, and if so, please share it with someone who is in need of comfort as well.
Spread the word.
Tell us who YOU are!

Official Video of »Tell Me Who I Am« by upcoming band »Hanne Kah«.

Written by: Patrick Jost & Hanne Kah
Produced by: Marc Jullien
Video by: Lotta Pommerien & Niklas Quernheim

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  • Länge: 04m 46s
  • Erstausstrahlung: 12.12.2022 18:30 Uhr
  • Produziert von: H. Kah